Statistically Unemployed Tweeters

First, there's nothing "wrong with America".  It's all statistics.

People of all races, colors and languages have a normal curve.   15-20% of job applicants are at the bottom of their ability to contribute.

We have between 5-6% unemployment here in Vermont.

If the pay is $10/hour (manual recycling), the unemployment rate is 5%, and 15% of all Americans are "difficult to employ", it's tough.

Do Asians and Africans and Latin Americans work better or harder?  No.   But when they have 45% unemployment (like the area in Sonora where Retroworks de Mexico is located), it's easier to avoid that 15% that doesn't want to work or cannot work effectively.

Why do I write about this?

Because I have some job postings up.  And for some reason, I get these emails from "applicants" (who I presume are looking for work) saying "I assume at this salary it's part-time", or "I don't see how you can get anyone of MY caliber at this rate per hour."

Just don't apply... ok?   I don't need a message from you telling me why no one will ever apply... my email box is full enough with different responses.

I'm not a bad person for posting a job starting at $10 per hour.   We often bring people in at that who actually turn out to be in the "lower 15%" and quit and go on unemployment.   Or they do show they are capable of doing much more, and we train or cross-train and move them up.  Most people starting at $10 are making $13 in 2 years.

Sorry.   I hope you find the job paying $50K which you say you are capable of.  Hats off to you, etc.   But why take the time to belittle the job posting we have up?

We have 5% unemployment in Vermont.   If you are in the 5%, and I post a job that you don't want, I don't really need you to tell me that.  Every time I post, we get 40 applications.  Our job is to see people for what they can do, not for what they cannot do, and to employ people with disabilities if necessary and get the recycling work done.   When we hand-disassemble hard drives instead of shredding them, we are creating $10 per hour in value vs. running a machine to crack them up.  I post jobs in case someone out there wants to come in and hand-disassemble hard drives and CD-Roms etc.  I could just erase the position and ship them to a shredder.  Before I do that, I like to try the better environmental results which a machine cannot do.  But we cannot pay $50K per year for that position, the hand disassembly just doesn't create THAT much revenue.

Sending in emails that the job is beneath you... I'm not really sure that's a great idea.  I might remember your name when we post the next position - which happens to be starting at $48K per year.   Applying for the $20K per year position and saying "It must be just part time" doesn't exactly elevate your resume when we post the executive position a few hours from now.

Just saying.

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