Valentines Day: Loving v. Virginia 1967

From Wikipedia 2012.02.14

Mildred Delores Jeter Loving (July 22, 1939 – May 2, 2008) and her husband Richard Perry Loving (October 29, 1933 – June 29, 1975) were plaintiffs in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia (1967).
The Lovings were an interracial married couple who were criminally charged under a Virginia statute banning such marriages. With the help of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Lovings filed suit seeking to overturn the law. In 1967, the Supreme Court ruled in their favor, striking down the Virginia statute and all state anti-miscegenation laws as unconstitutional violations of the Fourteenth Amendment.[1]

I was 5 years old.  My folks told me it was sad that people wanted to interfere with this couples marriage, but you had to worry how their kids would grow up.   Well, their kids would grow up to see a half black half white president.   Sometimes externalizing costs is also externalizing benefits, and it's known as sharing, and it's none of your damn business.  I am absolutely certain that the outcome of fair trade is not going to be any of the disasters or horrific exploitation promised by the anti-export campaign.  Happy Valentines Day...

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