We Could Help... Praise Us, Praise You

About a year ago, Jim Puckett and I spoke about how upset I was over his organization's accusation, and subsequent closure of, a perfectly respectable CRT refurbishing factory in Indonesia.  He said he wanted me to calm down and ease the criticism over the closure of this reputable factory.

Jim offered that he could help.  A letter from him, he said, would go a long way to helping the factory.  But that I would first have to lighten up on my criticism in my blog.  I stop criticizing - he puts in a good word to the government closing the factory.  Quid. Pro. Quo.

That means either:

A) It's a bad, illegal, polluting operation, which BAN is willing to spare in return for my being nicer in my blog, or...

B)  It's a good, reputable, Basel Convention Annex IX B1110 operation, legal... but he refuses to correct the false accusation unless I'm nicer in my blog.

Either way... A or B.... You are not a good person.  I choose to help the factory buy what it needs elsewhere, USA be damned.

Praise or damn the factories for what they are, not for what I say.  I got to praise you like I should.

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