Watching the E-Waste Detectives: Comstockery

Here is a link to an article recently published in Scrap and Recycling International.  An Asia-based reporter, Adam Minter, visited one of our "Fair Trade Recycling" partners in Malaysia.   He reports on what he saw.  Hint, it wasn't "primitive".

"Recyclers are applying the Fair-Trade model to used electronics, demonstrating that exports for refurbishing and re-use can meet developing countries need for low-cost products -- And facilities the that do the work can meet Developed World standards."

Saturday night, I was reading this while watching History Channel, which had a documentary on sexual mores, flappers vs. puritans, and the war over sexual information in Hollywood.

I realized that using the power of shame and guilt to get people to stop doing what is natural is as old as the Scarlet Letter.  The shaming of people for trading with Geeks of Color is not that different from the war on sexuality, waged less than a century ago in the USA, or laws against interracial marriage much more recently.  Once again, it's being played out in bills submitted to USA Congress.  From wikipedia:
"Comstock's ideas of what might be "obscene, lewd, or lascivious" were quite broad. During his time of greatest power, even some anatomy textbooks were prohibited from being sent to medical students by the United States Postal Service. 
"Comstock aroused intense loathing from early civil liberties groups and intense support from church-based groups worried about public morals. He was a savvy political insider in New York City and was made a special agent of the United States Postal Service, with police powers up to and including the right to carry a weapon. With this power he zealously prosecuted those he suspected of either public distribution of pornography or commercial fraud."
My organization is trying to get people to export and trade with Geeks of Color with better information, documentation, record keeping and accountability (per the article), kind of like Margaret Sanger and many others were trying to educate Americans about sex.    Today, we accept that sex is something to be cautious about, but the Victorian ideas Comstock was enforcing died with his protege, J Edgar Hoover.

The analogies seem apt.   Jim Puckett = Anthony Comstock.  Robin Ingenthron = Margaret Sanger (the philosophical Hugh Hefner, a century ago).  Will Hays Asst. Joseph Green - the first Green Bill.

The eventual pent-up demand following attempts by Anthony Comstock to reduce interactions between men and women eventually resulted in the roaring 1920's, open homosexuality, and a massive increase in Trojan sales.

"E-Waste Exports and the Single Girl".
Or "The Joy of Exporting". has recently adapted a new role as 'detective', outing Intercon Solutions of Chicago for... unclear.  Unclear whether the container came from Intercon (their emphasis), unclear (to me) that a physical box sea container going from recycler to China indicates anything at all.

Takin off her clothes.

You think you're alone until you realize you're in it...

Huck Finn
By coming down wholesale on three containers, as Hitler's Nazis did on homosexuals an Jews, BAN intimidates innocent people from trying something new, or from crossing them in any way.  Political Science courses teach that Hitler could have chosen any minority, it happened to be Jews.  The effect of wholesale holocaust effort is that all other "minority views" are intimidated.

In other words, whether or not Intercon Solutions did anything wrong, BAN has showed its ability to financially injure people who practice what they disagree with.  Comstock, according to Wikipedia, claimed himself to have caused 15 suicides... mostly women... from the force of shame for sexuality.

Right now, most people who export legitimate "e-waste" are afraid to be caught.  I'm participating in the article at top, not because it benefits me.  The CRT business has lasted far longer than any of us thought possible, but it won't last forever.

I'm hoping to escort our used electronics, "e-waste" recycling industry, right into the Gay 20s, in a reaction to the export dogmas circulated about geeks of color by Basel Action Network.  I want my kids to grow up in a world where they have good information available about sex, and good information available about exporting used goods for repair and refurbishment.  Both activities have enriched my life.  I export and I masturbate.  (obligatory wikipedia link, emphasizing the change from Comstock's banning of medical textbooks).  

Not all the time.  Only 22% of our equipment is exported for reuse.  Get over it, Ayatollahs.

Are you an export virgin?  Read the article from Scrap, and find out what you've been missing.  The "display device" of a computer is the woman, the desktop box is the man.  The cathode ray gun is the clitoris.  The hard drive... never mind, I'm going to get in trouble with my wife already.

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