Stiff Upper Lips in Vermont

Vermont:  1927, 1998, 2007, 2008, 2011.     Road washaways are becoming more and more "normal".  The special things they did with heavy stone after 2008 made me think we were learning our lesson and could meet the force of water with better engineering. [Photos from ]

Times like this, I think about my dear friends who embrace the "zero waste" recycling slogan.  It's ok, like "never say die" is ok, in the right context.  Or, "Act of God", in the right place and the right time, Michelle Bachmann.

It is a challenge to "engineer" a message or a slogan which will survive any tempest of context.   As a crusader of sorts myself, I need to be able to find humor and set priorities straight.  Music and children, enjoying good food with friends.  But keeping in mind our role as raindrops, each of us, with one person's impacts.  Our individual consumption matters, in a flood of carbon, deforestation, extinction, and locust-ization of the human population.

Floods bring lots of business for waste disposal companies, but are not much good for reuse or recycling. Waste is everywhere.  When a natural catastrophe hits, maybe its time to set down our pens, go outside and clean up.  It's too easy to find yourself talking about it instead of doing it.

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Bryan Kerschner said...


My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Vermont who is suffering from this catastrophe. My dad lived in Ludlow for a long time so this is particularly close to home.

Best of luck in the recovery.