Parallel Markets: E-Waste Export Policy, USA H1 Visa Immigration Policy

Both the Green-Thompson Bill automatically limiting exports of used computers, and the USA's overly restricted H1 work visa program, get their power from ignorance.

  • People get an image of a colored person committing a crime, environmental or drug related.
  • People form policy around the color and ethnicity of the person committing said crime.
  • People restrict exchange of trade (E-waste goods or Immigration services) based on nationality.

Everything which intelligent people like Fareed Zakaria and Tom Friedman say about the USA banning Indian Ph.Ds from working and investing their intellect in the USA economy can be said about shredding computers which were going to be reused and repaired in Egypt.  Americans do not get more employment by excluding Asian inventors from joining our society and having families here in the USA.  

Americans do not get more income by eliminating exports of repairable computers and shredding them.  I can employ more people exporting repairable computers than I can shredding them.

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