Digital Divide Bridge Song: Feelin' Guilty


Slow down, you upgrade too fast
You got to make electronics last
Replacing monitors and cell phones
Payin for new, and making E-Waste

Hello Facebook
Whatcha knowin?
I come to watch your followers growin'
Africans, Latinos, and Asians tweet
Happy to network
Reusing "E-waste"

I got no PCs to give
No monitors to export
It's illegal and frowned on and not in good sport
Pay the shredders to chop up the displays that work
No donations, shredding E-waste!

Your revolution, put it on ice
Repair and refurbish it's not very nice
Stewards say you'll burn every PC you buy
You're barefoot and pregnant,
We say reuse is "e-waste".

- Robin Ingenthron's apologies to Paul Simon

And for a sample of what we get back from sharing internet, here is a developing world video titled "The Sound Of Silence". which I also found while searching "simon and garfunkel" covers.  My life is richer knowing that someone is able to make a video like this on a used computer for me to enjoy.

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