Fair Trade E-Waste Story in German

VERMONT - TONIGHT ON 3SAT.DE   The "Fair Trade Recycling" story, in apparently fair and balanced reporting of both the pollution danger and the danger of paternalistic censorship.  (Video takes awhile to load, but it is exceptional quality).

Translation to English - https://vimeo.com/53719841

MAN!  I want to know how to speak German and I want to know how to speak German NOW!  Here is a text translation, courtesy of Karin Hanta of Middlebury College.

This is the program running this evening.  Has a lot of footage of our Vermont retroworks reuse computers, the 23% we allow for export, the ones destroyed in "no intact unit" programs.

Postscript... the video is in high resolution above, its available in lower (flash) resolution on Youtube.  More importantly, thanks to videographer Ken French I just realized the two people interviewed as experts are(Muharrem) Batman and Robin (Ingenthron)... bringing freedom and democracy to Cairo.

Hopefully, the youtube embed of the flash version will appear soon.  فاير ترد ريسيسلينج إس نت وسط أر بولتون.

More clips

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