End of Times? Support Fair Trade Recycling

If it's all over now...

Would you feel better about having exported whatever e-waste you wanted whenever you wanted?  Or would you feel better about locking the door on the Geeks of Color, refusing to acknowledge them, to keep your own reputation shiny in this brief period they were being impugned?  Or would you feel best at having tried, having lived and eaten with technicians bringing sustainable recycling, online revolution, and harmonizing the trade?

The Fair Trade Recycling position is going to win because it is a no-brainer.  Geeks of Color will prefer trading with good people who re-invest in them over those who take advantage of their hunger and desperation.  And the people who won't trade with them at all have built their business model on a lie (that 80% of importers are primitives burning wires in a polluting cauldron of hopeless toxic), and have taken themselves out of the picture.

It's all over now, Baby Blue.  The Grateful Dead were (are) one of my favorite bands.  One of the initial attractions was the way they let deadhead fans record their concerts with tape recorders.  They were like jamming minstrels from another century.  They realized that this blip in time, when a single artist might become a millionaire because of a combination of copyright enforcement and recording distribution, was... a blip.

If I die tomorrow, its just early, a smaller numerator over an infinite denominator.  I'm already the happiest man in the world.  I look out my window an realize there is literally no one on earth I'd change places with, unless doing so would bring something more to the people I care about.

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