Revolution 2.0 Egypt, Vermont, CSNY

The link here is too crucial to be written in too many words.

This is positive if sad feedback to my friends Mohammed, Omar, Hamdy and Essam and their families in Egypt.  I shared the facebook feedback they sent to me to a Vermont film-maker, Ken French.  Ken has a band that covers Neil Young / CSNY songs, and the vibe from Tahir Square was reborn in Burlington Vermont (backstop Middlebury).

Ken French has been an OUTSTANDING videographer, highly HIGHLY recommended.  The best videos from our Video Link owe thanks to Ken.

More important than our e-waste politics or ewaste pollution posturing ... reuse creates.  End-of-Life Stewardship laws (so far) destroy.  I hope future environmentalists won't be dissuaded by dialectic. It's healthy, and environmentalists should be keen to see a lot more of that going on.

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