India Clean Industry - TED Talk Vision

There is big buzz growing in Europe following the publication of the Ghana Study, my own article in Motherboard, and testimony from African Technicians that WR3A has introduced to European journalists.

This video from TED was just shared with me (by a Malaysian Geek of Color - who watches TED, it turns out... on a refurbished computer).  We are discovered everywhere (except maybe at Middlebury College, where our presence is a bit of a "sleeper").   I'm signing up to do more presentations like the ones I've done at Cornell, BU, BC, UVM, etc.  But the presentations mean more when they come from a Green Geek like Kamal Meattle.

So we are having our Geek in Ghana with his camera, and a Geek from Angola is coming to visit our plant in Vermont this weekend, and I am going to excitedly overthrow the Ayatollah of E-Waste, not from my own soapbox, but from a crowd sourced wiki-recycling solution to the "ewaste" problem... Fair Trade Recycling.

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