HTC EVO (Sprint) freeze solution??

[ update ] NO.  THIS WAS NOT A BREAKTHROUGH.  The breakthrough is that I spent an hour on the phone with Sprint and made them replace this phone.  The "touch input" did seem to help for an hour or so but this was completely unacceptable for a $400 phone. 

Possible breakthrough.?  After 4 calls to Sprint, a number of battery pulls, and a trip to the Sprint repair store, watching a youtube video recreation, and a lot of reading of a lot of opinion on what causes the Sprint HTC Evo cell phone touchscreen to become unresponsive...  I also put on No-Lock (to stop screen lock function) and removed a large number of applications.

Here is what has produced at least a noticeable improvement:

Went to Settings-> Running Services

Scrolled down to Touch Input

Set this back to "factory default" and stopped what appeared to be a second "touch input".

Now, as for my Dell Inspiron Laptop adapter - bought a new one, per Dell instructions.  Doesn't work.  Means it's the power input on the board.  I need to find a broken dell inspiron (broken screen) so I can use the charger to charge the battery.

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