Another Recycling Blog Discovery: India Girl

Yet ANOTHER blogger find.   India In Images has photos from an arist/photographer, a person without an incentive or an axe to grind.

I hope that independent bloggers will find each other and share the good side of the recycling story... or at least an honest side which does not earn $$$ from pictures of stereotypes.  What I am certain of, based on my many travels, is that the folks here would rather sort "waste" from rich people than sort "waste" from poor people.  Rich people throw nice stuff away, and the bad stuff recycles the same as raw materials from poor people.  Kindly pocket your white guilt, let's move on with "fair trade recycling"

Nothin in this world will stop me worrying about that girl
Do these people need to be arrested for "recycling while poor"?  Don't call her a "slum dog".

Don't commit her to mining to make your new stuff, then she'd be in really bad shape.  Don't pretend she's going to "leapfrog" into a new computer.

Don't think she won't buy a load of crap from an underground source if you attempt "prohibition" on the recycling commodities market.

She shouldn't have to make that choice.

Give us fair trade recycling.  Stop the boycott of exports.  We need MORE good people in the export business.  Shredding your equipment because you are too busy to sort the wheat from the chaff, it's just not acceptable anymore.   Reuse and recycling should not only be made LEGAL, it should be MANDATORY, damn it.  You want to mandate that we shred working equipment?  How about we outlaw shredders?

Seriously, talk to people who have lived in Africa or visited overseas.   See these people for what they can do, not for what they cannot do, and stop this crazy racist boycott.  Push back, push back hard.  The future is at stake.  Recycling should be made safe and legal, and the only source of income to make that happen is the value embedded in the reuse and recycling.  We need the value added in the display units and computers, we need that value to solve  the problems of poverty.  A boycott, like prohibitions before, won't work, it makes the problems worse, did you forget?

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