Video Jamaica Rap, Iraq, Pregnancy, LinkedIn Fraud

First:  A mystery.  On, there is a person named "Jennifer Cruz" in New York City, who is listed as a receptionist for my company, American Retroworks Inc., dba Good Point Recycling.   Is this a case of fraud?  It is not one of the Chicas.  Since there's no employee of ours by that name, it's not exactly identity theft, but it does make us suspicious of fraud.  Does anyone have experience with mystery employees on LinkedIn?

Second:  Below the fold... This is a video I would never have seen without internet, and given the chance to see it from an Egyptian internet cafe on a CRT screen, or never to have seen it at all, I'm 100% in favor of Arabs and Jamaicans singing together.  I like the sound of it more than yesterday's "alter globalization" or "la rage" video.   This one is just silly, but I like the woman, I like that she's not a model, and I like thinking that someone in Calcutta may enjoy listening to the English rap from Jamaica.

PUM PUM Shorts

Pum Pum Shorts.  I kind of like how this woman is not the USA fake, unrealistic, skinny model body, she seems real and happy with herself, and he seems happy with her too.  It's something I also really like about the Soukouss dance videos I've posted on this blog in the past... they focus on women dancing, but it seems totally cool to me because they are real women, happy to dance, not over rehearsed, with no plastic surgery.

Maybe her name is jennifer cruz of LinkedIn.

Not that Jamaica or Africa is much of a beacon of hope for womens rights, or feminism.  But with the internet, it will be.  We will absorb their happy real dancing, they will absorb the wealth and power equal rights has brought every country which emancipates women.

The theme of music... MIA Paper Planes, the 9 year old bluegrass fiddle player, the Pom Pom shorts womann of Jamaica, the Soukous dancers, The Avalanches, Roxy Music, French rap, Japanese heavy metal dir en gray, 1776 soundtrack... I think I'm trying to explain what it was like in 2008, when I shared my house with geeks and techs from 5 continents, all with electronics repair in common, sharing strategies and partnership ideas.   To them, sharing ways of making a living from computer discards, to get kids online, was like musicians sharing riffs.    One of the first musical posts I made was to Franco OK Jazz, the Zaire soukouss star who taught himself to play on a guitar (or was it Papa Wembe?) that he tuned himself... the same story as BB King.

The geeks of color are like musicians.  Music is very solution oriented, very mathematical.   I think the analogy holds, and the feeling I get when I look to the west, and my spirit is crying for leaving, in my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees... this is the feeling I got at the dinner table when the tech from Senegal was sharing stories with the Chicas from Mexico.   Sharing music is kind of how I am trying to explain that to you.

I like that the woman is a priority, with her pum pum shorts.
Bush Bash Recordings - Discreet ft. Shizzle - Pum Pum Shorts

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