Pictures of the Worst: Illegal African Metal Mining

Time Magazine has a very good article / video on the alternative to recycling electronics.  No, it's not disposing of them... That's not an alternative, it's just underground storage, as the already has calculated the dates we will have to dig landfills back up to get the metals we threw away.

No, the only alternative to "ewaste" recycling is MINING.   This video basically covers my regular presentation on electronics recycling from Massachusetts DEP in the 1990s.   Recycling has always been about not-mining, or "urban mining", the alternative to poison, toxic, conflict metals.

I'll embed it below the fold.

The dirtiest form of recycling is better than the best form of metal mining.   But keep in mind the worst forms of metal mining are out there, at work to feed our hunger for new electronic devices and jewelry.

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