June Apple: My Brain On Recycling

In June, we stop reuse in Vermont.  We are lining up to de-manufacture the working equipment.  Here's a musical interlude.  Recycling isn't bad.   We already do it to 77% of the equipment, which is too old or too damaged to sell for reuse.  It's simply a measure of de-manufacturing that pesky 23% of equipment we used to sell to refurbishing factories, or donate to internet cafes.

We'll get all those metals and plastics to the factories, which will belch more carbon, making brand new products for our friends in poor nations to spend half their annual income to buy.  Hey, maybe they'll get new I-STUFF too!  This is so cool, taking used equipment from poor technicians, freeing them to leapfrog to brand new equipment!

Let's bust up the old guy's fiddle, so he can leapfrog and buy a new violin!

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