Alter-Globalization Movement 'likes' Fair Trade Recycling

Alter-Globalization is a movement which rejects the anti-globalization movement, while at the same time acknowledging problems of exploitation in trade between rich and poor.

Anti-mining, pro-recycling, these seem to fit the paradigm of the Alter-globalization movement.  Rejecting exploitation of resources for short term (two generation) gain, but embracing sustainable recycling when it is done as a partnership.  Trade for reuse and repair, in partnership, is like sync. 3B3K

Here is a French rap song by Keny Arkana about "The Rage" which is shared and embraced as an alter-globalization anthem.  The spirit here would reject both the people who ship junk to Egypt to be burned, avoiding environmental fees, but also reject the racist denigration of geeks of color when they set up sustainable recycling factories, generating internet access for people who will already have overthrown a dictator.  Screw you both.

There are a lot more dictators to go, a lot more videos to share, a lot more talented technicians to partner with in a fair trade recycling, alter-globalization world.

This is not my favorite video.  It has things about "capitalism" that I, personally, would choose to disagree with.  But it captures the spirit of the 3b3k ewaste market.  Don't know what that is?  Search.

Don't send me "e-waste".
Don't call my internet cafe an "e-waste" dump.
You are both *#@&heads.  Give me fair trade, what what the hell I can do with it.

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