3D Film Use: Great Barrier Reef

A good idea witnessed
Like a rare bird, thought extinct
They talk about putting movies into 3D
They talk about Avatar
They talk about Royal Wedding Honeymoons
The Great Barrier Reef.

350.org talks about carbon impacts
Richard Branson, air travel questions
The Natural History Museum shows the reef
My kids look fascinated

Jacques Cousteau said it was sad
That people would be fascinated
By habitat trinkets
Manhattan Island sale of mining for extinctions
Grey brown coral stains

Do I want to travel to the Great Reef?
Or is the environmental expense, for personal badge
A waste of carbon, I'm there in spirit
Or does Eco-tourism make the Reef
Valuable to those who'd be bought for its tin gold?

The answer is clear
As clear as the crowd at
Smithsonian Natural History Museum
As clear as a Shakespearean love sonnet
What we hear as flying ideas
If we are spiritual and care
Bring together the Best Idea

The crowd of children around the coral
The 3D Pixar Clownfish singing
Technology is the connection of ideas
Of the physical, scientifically observed
And ideas come from exposure
Even to royal wedding Sunday AM TV

Here's the payoff
Live 3D cameras
Showing actual Great Barrier Reef
In a symphony mosaic
Broadcast by Google Earth
Behind aquarium glass                                                  continued

Children see live in 3D
Not just the perfect sample
But the actual reef
In pure reality
Without travelling
And all get the idea
Word for word, what's happening

We all invest, as we invest in music
And entertainment, entertained by 3D Aquariums
Of live broadcast habitat
With streaming audio, Pandora
Musicians sponsoring live 3D coral reef.

This I believe.
I used to write ideas
As crazy as this
In sonnet or in streaming consciousness
In the margins of my notebooks
In Calculus class, earning Ds
But absorbing the idea of the derivative
While riding the dirivatives of my thoughts

Blogging is better.  I've always done this
Written like this
Since high school
If it's a distraction from my business
Then I've always been so distracted
And it's always been the way I think
And it's always been the me
My friends like.

Extinct no Easter
Earth Day 2011
No Easter for Extinctions
Baby Gorilla Free Image Robin Ingenthron Smithsonian Zoo 2011

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