Robin Ingenthron's Hollywood Screenplay

We are all Khaled Said.  The facebook video embedded below has been re-released publicly, after temporarily being marked private. I hope they will continue to allow access to it.  One of the best things about affordable internet is the cross-pollination of art and music (a theme of this blog).

In fact, (*ahem*) I wrote a movie screenplay, Revenge of The Chicas and it got as far as a producer giving it for third party screening.  But it's been 18 months now.  Maybe someone will find this interesting.  It's got a great international market, with key characters from several continents, in a true story of face-to-face efforts to fairly trade recyclables, in a cross fire between corporations, dictators, and indulgent eco-watchdogs.

Yep.  In addition to blogging and running a company and raising kids, I write Hollywood Screenplays and register them with the Guild.  (Yep, registered).  The screenplay has characters based on real people we do business with, but people in countries which are trying to take away internet have had their identities "blurred".  His movie is shorter and better than my movie. .

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