Here is a valid argument for allowing affordable, under $100, refurbished PCs to be exported.  E-waste is a matter of e-taste.

I couldn't tell you for sure how the Vermont video "802" was filmed.  But I can say without a doubt that if free and fair trade of used computers is allowed, we will all see a lot more 802 and Justin Bieber and LudaKrishna videos, and that they will be a LOT more interesting than Kadafi Junior and Qadafi Jr. and Gadafi Jr. and Mumbarak Jr. and Kim Jong-Il Jr... we see too much of the Uday Husseins.  No matter how you laugh at, or with, or slightly around this kind of video, the world is a better place if random college students in these countries can afford to put their thoughts online, than if only the Evil Juniors and Mini-Mes get to put their views onto the internent.

There are a million nice geeky guys like this for every idiot like Uday we see in the news.   Uday could afford a Sony Vaio Latest, or Apple Wanna-have 3.  Nations earning 3K per year are getting online at ten times the rate of nations earning 40+k per year... and it is from affordable <$100 PCs that they are getting it.

By the way, non-OECD Singapore has now PASSED the USA in GDP per capita.  Calling this a primitive society is like calling Bill Cosby a crack dealer.

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