It's all Over Now, Baby Blue

Here's a little reminder, for those who may have missed it, of what we try to do here in Middlebury.   Our little experiment in Mexico has generated a lot of attention.  International Women's day should be a priority.

Who'd a thunk that reuse of working equipment would be such a hard sell?

Returning to a role of the scrap blog as musical interlude...  I used to hunt down cover versions of this Bob Dylan tune, spending hours recording them onto a cassette player.  The Grateful Dead, this version by the Byrds, and one by Roxie Music were three of my favorites.  Bob D. himself, none too shabby.

Reading through the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources pre-op... the restrictions in the draft regulations on reuse exports, the splitting of the state into several quarters, the mandate for there to be at least two recyclers for the State Plan (not including the independent plans), and some unclear language about whether a recycler can even be a vendor...  this song comes to mind.

"Can you live with this?", the legislator asked before the vote.  I felt that as long as they didn't destroy reuse (as Universal Waste Rule has in every other state), and as long as the state doesn't get cut up into quadrants, that I thought I could.  I thought maybe people would actually come to visit us.  Some of the places we collected, I don't know who else is going to drive to.
"Yonder stands your orphan, with his gun
Crying like a fire in the sun..."
What kills me is the folks who describe pollution and risk and hazards etc. that aren't there, who are  taking limited environmental resources and deploying them against fair trade and reuse and recycling, giving cover to planned obsolescence and mining, all in a savage case of friendly fire.  I guess there is precedence -  the Supreme Court's 1823 ruling that "the right of occupancy is subordinate to the right of discovery".  I'll write a very good book about opening a green, fair trade recycling company in Vermont, and what it will take for someone like me to live happily ever after.

Here's another musical post of how they play in India and Sri Lanka.  I'm always happy to see this one being read, as it is tonight.

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