News Flash! EPA's Lisa Jackson sees PROPER E-Waste Recycling in Ethiopia

Just got Lisa Jackson's TWEET via Twitter...

 Lisa P. Jackson, EPA Visited a Computer Refurbishment Training Center and De-manufacturing Facility in Ethiopia, saw their methods of safely handling e-waste7 minutes ago Favorite Undo Retweet Reply
This could bring a lot of hope to WR3A's "Fair Trade Recycling" Partners!

- IN PERU, where Jinex has a women-owned electronics shop selling computers and televisions she sources from WR3A partners in the USA, only buying from recyclers who remove the JUNK.

- IN EGYPT, where I've been describing the four-story SHOPPING MALLS of used computers which the Egyptians put to good use tweeting last month (Oh, you thought people earning $3k per year use IPhones?)

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- IN MEXICO, where Las Chicas Bravas women are now going it alone, having lost a grant to get them electricity and training, but knowing how to work and reuse and properly recycle, they vow to continue.

In Indonesia, in Malaysia, in Angola, in Senegal, in Singapore, in Cameroon - people are learning how to properly recycle, not BURN product.  And they create jobs, more affordable recycling,  and create internet access.  We don't need them or want them to adapt our 2-year throwaway culture.

Fair Trade Recycling, it's a win- win- win.  But it is not just any exporter... You need to use a FAIR TRADE EXPORTER.  Someone who pays people to remove junk here in the USA, who properly compensate importers for incidental breakage, who fly the buyers to the USA to meet the American recycling crew face to face.

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