The Japanese Are Collecting E-Waste-Space-Junk

The search for e-scrap, rare earth metals, and obsolete electronics reaches new heights. reports that Japan is constructing space nets to haul in dead satellites.  Hopefully the alien dolphins will be safe.

Japanese Space Agency to Use Fishing Nets to Scoop Up Space Junk

by Cameron Scott, 02/07/11

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"In a fascinating use of time-tested technology to address uniquely modern problems, Japanese space agency JAXA is teaming up with Japanese fishing net maker Nitto Seimo to haul in some of the 100,000-plus objects of space junk orbiting the planet. A JAXA satellite will deploy and release a kilometers-wide net made by Nitto Seimo of ultra-thin triple layered metal threads. The net will gradually be drawn into Earth’s magnetic field and burned up along with the abandoned satellites, engine parts and other litter it’s collected."

Wait... that's incineration, not recycling!

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