Write the Rule: How to make sure a laptop is ok to export

If we can just write down the lyrics to this Jayme Gutierrez song, and similar songs for 11,587 other used electronics products, we can crack the case on how to ensure that people paying $265 for a broken HTC Evo aren't burning it for copper value, in primitive conditions.

Or, you can sign fair trade agreements that reward overseas buyers for piece-by-piece accountability.  The folks overseas prefer that to Americans just "saying" it's fully functional and tested working.

People living in countries with average per capita incomes of $46k (USA) may well decide to have a brand new laptop mined, refined, assembled, manufactured, etc.   People living in countries like Egypt and Angola and Ghana and Peru, with $3-4k per capita incomes, consider doing the steps in this song to be a really, really good job.

(FYI I love this Jayme Gutierrez song about his experience with the HP Pavillion, considered a real migraine by our techs... but our own experience with laptop repair puzzles us over his concluding attraction to Apple laptops.   Lenovo Thinkpads - made by the contract manufacture for IBM notebooks - are generally considered the best to repair and maintain by our own technicians, and the resale value of those units sold for repair means they are not alone.   Other popular purchases online are "design flaw" systems, where savy Techs of Color know that the particular laptop has a bad capacitor and knows why everyone is getting rid of them, and they try to buy them in bulk in order to have a single simple repair that entry level geeks, young repairmen who are just learning, can have a whole stack for the exact same repair).


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Wonderful, except why on earth would he want a Mac? Exponential fan cleaning.

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