Multiple Choice Analogy: (Puts The Lotion On The Skin)

Please describe what the video below best represents:

A) OEMs giving more and more new "ewaste" products to consumers?
B) Environmental Watchdog NGOs placing demands on electronics reuse export markets?
3) State government "certification" requirements of "e-waste" recyclers?
D) Exporters selling "e-waste" to foreign recycling staff?
4) None of the above, just a sick and funny video
5) Other (please submit comment).
G) This is obviously a reference to me, and I am DEEPLY OFFENDED by it!!!

I just howled when I saw this.  Had to use it somewhere, but it was a little too wicked to stick to one entity.  Almost as funny as the Tropic Thunder videos, though they are more California-esque.  I originally thought of it when trying to come up with an analogy for "exhausted doctrine".

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