Fair Trade E-Waste Quiz: Direct Your Dollar

If you want proper, legal assembly of computer monitors, you have two choices:

1) Use enforceable civil contracts with an Asian factory to do this, or 
2) Make them yourself in the USA

Most OEMs originally used Option #1 and contracted Asian manufacturers to assemble the CRT monitor - the one you now want to recycle.

When they "take back" (under a mandate to dis-assemble the monitor), they would allow themselves (under the Representative Green - TX E-Waste Recycling bill) to do the same.  Why then is it bad "stewardship" for USA Recyclers to follow the same legal methods?  

Try setting your own national "#ewaste" policy with this electronics exporting quiz.  It should take less than 2 minutes.  If you are filling this out from overseas,  consider it an "electronics importing quiz"... your opinion has equal weight around here.

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"बदनेस एक्सिस्ट्स. ठेरेफोरे, एक्सिस्तेंस स बाद."

अक, थे परफेक्ट इस थे एनेमी ऑफ़ थे गुड.
इफ यू हवे थे राईट ब्रोव्सेर, यू शौल्ड सी आईटी बेलो.
सेंग पोपले फॉर वहत थे कैन दो, नोट फॉर वहत थे कान्नोत दो.

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