California Compromise: Upcoming Vote

Whether you are conservative (mostly against) used computer exports, or liberal (free trade, mostly for) computer exports, you will want to see the vote at E-Scrap 2010 - whether to support or not the "California Compromise".

California SB20 currently destroys 9,000 (nine thousand) CRTs (computer monitors and TVs) per DAY.

Should California continue to destroy all 9,000 CRTs per day, spending taxpayer dollars to break and recycle good working units?

Or should California allow some CRT monitors and TVs to be qualified as "tested working" for the export market (to countries which can never "double redeem" the deposits on the CRTs)?

We have a vacancy.  We are looking for an advocate for the current system, destroying all 9,000 monitors, with no reuse.   We  have 14 people lined up to vote for the California Compromise.  We would like all sides to be represented, so if you are against this compromise, please come forward.

We dare ya.  Come kick over our sandcastle.

We will eliminate excuses:

1) That Basel Convention bans export of working and refurbishable CRTs.
2) That California legislature banned the export of working and refurbishable CRTs.
3) That any disagreement exists between BAN E-Stewards, R2, or other certifications on export of working or refurbishable CRTs.

So far, everyone is in favor, with one notable "abstension" from CalRecycles (formerly CIWMB).

A more likely possibiltiy?  We will fill out all the forms and do everything asked of us, and time will pass.  The tide of the bureaucracy will slowly erase any evidence of our sandcastle.

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