Seeing People for what they CAN Do

Taking pictures of people who cannot do something correctly is a lousy argument for banning the practice (slide show of NYTimes of Ghana e-waste residue at a landfill). 

Can 9 year olds play fiddle?

My 9 year old cannot play the fiddle and I don't claim he can.

This fiddle player, in her 90s, plays in the Ozarks.  My family is related to the Hensley families in the Ozarks, though I don't know anyone in Yellville.  I did use to camp near there.

We have devoted so much time and effort to finding good people who can perform repairs and upgrades of used electronics, and we train them to recycle, creating sustainable recycling practices in the developing world.  This creates jobs and development and natural resources.   They are not burning monitors.

They are not burning e-waste.

Banning trade and exports with them is stupid and morally wrong.

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