How to Stop a Bad Export of "E-waste"

First, answer a basic question:  

Was the e-scrap bad, or was the foreign recycler incapable?
  1. If the former, the buyer needs more choices of supplier.
  2. If the latter, the seller needs more choices of buyer. tracks shipments, reconciles outcomes, and tries to improve either:   
(1) load quality, or (2) processes.

Here's another idea: 
  1. Ban exports of used electronics.  
  2. Reanimate the body of Elliot Ness.
If there are no forms of e-scrap which are "touchable", and no foreign recyclers capable of proper recycling, then you should mandate E-Stewards.    

If you find evidence that decent folks overseas are capable of doing a good job, given proper incentives and certification, then you should consider R2.

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