GAO-10-626 Electronic Waste: "Considerations"

Any document issued by the USA Federal Government which has the word "Considerations" in the title cannot be expected to shock or rattle cages.  This second GAO document on "E-waste" is less critical of EPA but tries to raise questions about what the USA policy should be.

ELECTRONIC WASTEConsiderations for Promoting Environmentally Sound Reuse and Recycling

They seem to break the news (already known to those in the know) that fed employees at EPA and GAO want the USA to ratify the Basel Convention.

In case the link above doesn't work, Full text of the report here.

What is completely lacking is any data.  The debate over the export of used electronics has been hobbled by hyperbole and close up photos of doe-eyed children whose.    Responsible recyclers are the ones who should be engaging the export market, meeting the demand, and beating the bad old exporters at their own game.   The GAO report doesn't deny that, but doesn't really affirm it either.

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