CA Computer Reuse Proposal

  • I've had the meetings with the UN reps, with Rick Anthony in person and other CRRA folks via phone and email, and we have the best possible refurbisher in CA, OR and WA this week.
  • I met with Jim Puckett and Sarah W. in Washington, and we laid down our swords and they are even willing to back us on this (with conditions).
  • The world is starving for $20 display units.  LCDs are not being made in that category, new CRTs are not made there.  But the USA is breaking millions of them, and glutting the CRT glass market in the business.
  • We want to pay CA for these and let BAN and anyone you want audit every part of the process.
  • There is zero possibility of multiple payments if the audit includes verification at the contract manufacturer (Malaysia, Mexico, etc.).  I would argue that the verification can be done in the USA in a way that is equal to or better than the recordkeeping today.
  • We can do this in a way that results in a bare tube according to the instructions below, if the yoke is not removed.
  • I've helped explain/uncover that it happens anyway, when Global Comp One rents space at ARC, and the CA addresses from refurbishable units are used to recycle bad CRTs from UT and AZ after the good ones are exported
  • We have brought press pressure to bear
  • We have introduced new ideas (pounds per unit) to help CA uncover where abuse occurs (the bad units tend to be 100 lb TVs, the refurbishable tend to be 37 lb monitors, the data is there)
  • When the factories cannot get the repairable CRTs from good people, they buy them from middlemen who get them anyway they can.  This is how the e-waste gets over there.  California, with its SB20 system, is in the perfect place to supply these in perfect quality and take the market away from less careful "ewaste" exporters.
SB20 Recycling Proposal  

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