Are all exporters good?

No.  I think some electronics recyclers are really lousy exporters.  Too many choose based on a penny a pound, and demonstrate absolutely no care for reducing toxics along for the ride, or for rewarding overseas importers who make strides to improve "ewaste" recycling practices.  

In emphasizing the positive, my intent is to correct the supply demand imbalance.

I've repeatedly called on good E-Steward companies, like WeRecycle and Total Reclaim and ERI, to export more, so that their supply will displace the supply sent by less reputable sellers.

Given more choice between recyclers to import from, who wins?  The overseas "victims".


Anonymous said...

Robin, you mention in your blog that you have asked for Total Reclaim, WeRecycle, and ERI to export MORE. I don't believe WeRecycle exports components at all, and I know that ERI doesn't. I am not familiar with Total Reclaim.

Robin said...

First, exporting just one working unit is more than zero, and if they export "no intact units" at all, then that's precisely my point. These are also all companies which at some point in their history did in house testing or export of properly prepared units, and if they now export none at all, then my point is that the demand is still there and may be met by an exporter who is much less careful. Zero exports is bad if it creates a vacuum. Thanks for your comment.