E-WASTE SHORTAGE! CRT Monitors Needed!!!

Last night we posted about California SB20, the "Perfect is the Enemy of the Good" poster child on e-waste.   They defined "cancellation" to mean "ruin" a monitor, depriving the state system of reuse income, and creating a shortage for certain monitors - often filled by exporters willing to send "toxics along for the ride".

This follow up post is for people willing to POSITIVE SORT (not negative sort) computer monitors.   We need certain cream of the crop monitors (8% of 2009 sample).   We are at capacity to accept the other monitors, and we will not tolerate screen burn, scratch, glass damage, etc.   Positive sort means "if in doubt, leave it out"... there are more monitors in surplus than there are in scarcity.  This PO is perfect for California.  All these monitors are completely refurbished into new housing, so they would be the same as monitor glass remelted into a new monitor... but by retaining the reuse value, we save California taxpayers.

This Purchase Order [PO], for THESE SPECIFIC MONITORS, has a shortage of several thousand - about $35,000 per month that we could be paying California.   What we need are for Good Recyclers who are destroying (out of fear of the "export market") to take a closer look and see if they can pay someone to positive sort and take these good monitors out of the recycling stream.

Click picture to advance to more sample photos.

SSG Type CRT Monitors - Korea manufactured

Here is a description of the makes and models we typically see (there are some others, especially Samtron, but this list is good for training purposes).

If you have seen these monitors being destroyed for recycling, please contact us immediately at www.WR3A.org!  For a $350 annual membership, we will audit your CRT trail and represent your loads to EPA and clients.  The membership will pay for itself in the first 100 monitors!

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