Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama??


I haven't even seen any press comments yet, just the headline. But this is an example of someone overseas (usually USA is in that role) having a cultural insensitivity. In this case, the Nobel prize committee is tone-deaf to the USA issue of "affirmative action". Coming on the heels of the (hilarious) "Nope. Nothing!" Obama SNL skit of just last Saturday, this is bad Halloween candy from a well-meaning auntie.

Prediction - because I think he's smart, he will decline it with a speech that says "I haven't earned this yet, but it puts tremendous pressure on me to deliver the goods. I accept the challenge of the award, but cannot accept the award this year because I have not yet earned it."

This puts him on the same footing as Clarence Thomas and Colin Powell, who no one with a college degree suspects of being an affirmative action beneficiary, and handles the USA cross culture issue deftly for the Nobel Committee.

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