PBS - Retroworks de Mexico and Vermont

Wow, our Vermont and Mexico ewaste (एवास्ते) recycling has so much traction. It is very difficult to get ANYTHING started, or financed, in this economy. But the moral support we are getting is incredible. Here is the latest, none other than PBS, coverage of fair trade and responsible e-waste practices.

(बी रेकुएस्ट, रेपोस्तेद)

Womens' rights in Mexico, jobs in Vermont, responsible recycling. Sometimes I think I care about this project and business too much. Entrepreneurism is both a hobby and a lifestyle, so everything you make goes right back into it.

लेगल, एथिकल, Fair Trade of ewaste is a moral imperative। -वास्ते रेच्य्क्लिंग

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