HP Embraces African Entrepreneurs

This may be the best thing ever, a win for sustainable development. We hope to get a call back from HP, as WR3A wants to help with this project.

WR3A doesn't want to be threatened by successful momentum. We want to be out of a job.

How should WR3A approach the HP Recycling in Africa, UN thing? Is there a Wolf from the Anti Gray Market Alliance still lurking? Or did HP arrive at the Ford Motor Company conclusion?

Ford's response to Vance Packard ("The Waste Makers", book about Planned Obsolescence) was as follows:

1) The more used cars are available, the more affordable "learning to drive" becomes.
2) The younger people are when they learn to drive, the more cars they will own/purchase in their lifetime.
3) The second car someone buys is more likely to be the brand of the first (used) car than any other brand.
Ford said support used cars and car repair, and you expand the market, creating more buyers tomorrow. I hope that's the conclusion HP is working from.


reading said...
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Beauty said...

e-waste is simply junk. A smoldering wasteland carves out a slum where people scavenge metal and plastic. How do you manage unscrupulous brokers and American rules that treat broken computers as products for export rather than junk? Those incredible entrepreneurial skills in the informal sector are killing Africa. Taxes free and crime ridden business will not help Africa. If only Africa governments were smart enough to slap a $100Billion levy on HP and other identifiable junk manufacturers, it would go a long way to stopping the junk trade.