Crass and Stupid Attack on Right to Repair: Jim Puckett

Just a reminder, Jim Puckett of Basel Action Network calls repair a "loophole" for waste exports.

He does not know anything about repair.

He knows FAR less than Joe Benson.

He wants white people to be in charge of what black people are allowed to buy.


Who was the liar - Joe Benson or Mike "Fishing as a Boy" Anane?

"Where is the proof? If you find a container where I load it, pay shipping duty, pass it through customs, and put it in a landfill, show me.  If you find I did that, put me in prison for 100 years. I will stay in prison for 100 years."

 "Ten years ago, this (Accra city dump since 1960s) was a beautiful paradise, where I was fishing and swimming as a boy".

Basel Action Network publishes and promotes lies aimed specifically and purposely at the repair sector, and gets big donations from manufacturers who oppose "market cannibalization" (sale of their own products in secondhand markets).

A year ago Jim Puckett re-promoted his filthy lies about Ghana's tech sector, in his self-penned false liar piece "A Place Called Away", where he unleashed INTERPOL upon Joseph "Hurricane" Benson, telling Europe that 80% of used electronics would not be repaired but burned by "thousands" of orphans.

It is a bigger lie than even Donald Trump can tell.  Why oh why does he get away with it?

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