Dell Global Recycling Video by Von Wong, Theory of God

While I would love to sit down with Von Wong and correct some of his statistics about ewaste (to put a more heroic face on the overseas Tech Sector, described as "landfills across the globe" in the intro), I have to hand it to him, the artwork is great.

Can't resist sharing this.  Thanks to my pal in Malaysia, Nancy Poh, for sharing it.

But this is a two part blog. The next is about my theory of knowledge, and knowledge of God.

Theory of God

Still working on a much longer and crucially philosophical blogpost, exploring the tribal psychology and neural evolution of human psychology.  I woke up yesterday feeling that to write about our own human evolutionary neurology, the evolution of greed, fear, nurture, and other perception filters, is like being a fish jumping out of the water.  We have a "sphere" of our own psychology which we can understand but not escape.

This is the evolution of my personal philosophy, which I never gave up on, going back to my days as a long haired LSD mind expanding wannabe.  Do I believe in God? Yes. But I qualify that belief as follows.

God would be WAY smarter than any human could ever be.  We'd necessarily be like an ant or a mouse to God's intellect.  And the most fundamental limitation we have is our ability to conceive of time and space.

When I look at a book, I know that every word in the book exists on the page at once, the novel is a whole and complete work. But my mind cannot read every word at once, or multiple sentences or pages.  A mouse or an ant could "see" the page, but could not recognize the words and letters as sentences.  So we are aware that we can intellectually grasp the book better than an ant or a mouse, but we are limited.

This is the way we experience time, I now believe.  God would not have to experience Time a moment at a time.  God could read the entire book at once.

Can God love us individually?  One, sure, I believe that.  Two, I cannot know it or describe what God experiences as "love", any more than my hamster can deeply understand my own affection.

What I am doing at this stage in my life is honing the philosophy, and caring less about changing recycling practices.  I do see the mistakes made in racially profiling African and Asian Tech Sectors, the Geeks of Color, as being an environmental justice issue that is all the more important because it was friendly fire waged by environmentalists like me, who thought they were doing good, like pharmacists who sold mercury as a laxative (the number one selling pharmaceutical a couple of centuries ago).  Medical science had to study and correct the use of mercury as a laxative (yes, it gave you great shitting power, but the science of human health is not all about waste).  Leadfree solder may also have been a mistake (same reason, improving waste at the expense of mining coral islands for "less toxic" tin... may as well make circuit boards from baby seal pelts).

It is the way that I think, the way humans think, which is essential to master.  And understanding the limitations of our ability to think, of our being forced to read one word or page of a book at a time, can give us all humility when it comes to forming our opinions about God's.

Wanting to be good is desiring to be good, which can become a form of spiritual materialism, that manifests itself into "liability" and "authority" and other psychological points systems (game theory).  But that doesn't mean we should stop wanting to be good.  And wanting to be good is the same as loving God, at least in my Book.

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