Network Solutions ( Sends Email Written Like Phishing

Incredibly aggravating.  Netsol sends an email with bad grammar that looks like a phishing post.   I go directly to and find a message "this is not phishing" but that Netsol will be down for 10 hours tomorrow night.  The language in the Netsol email looks almost identical to this Netsol Warning blog about a fake email (phishing attack) in 2009.

It almost makes one wonder if the actual netsol webpage is hacked.   But the confirmation button (I did click it) doesn't ask for password and appears to just lead to a thank you from Netsol.

Anyway, My Frustration With Netsol only grows.

                          Action Required
Dear Customer,

New Regulations now require that domain account holders confirm their email information otherwise their domain will be deactivated. If your domain is deactivated you will still own the domain but you will not be able to have a live website until you verify your contact information.

To ensure your domain(s) remain active, please click the CONFIRM button below to confirm the email address we have for you is accurate.


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