Guilt, Technology, Race, Women, Photography & ZANZIBAR II

A very brief second part.

This is a fair use criticism of the film by Isaac Brown.


This is not the highest resolution available... but how many computers can you actually COUNT in this photo?  Of the number you count, how many were imported 15 years ago and in use for years?  How many were taken off a ship and burned?  Is it 80%???

My goal isn't to sanitize the exports, but to treat the importers as equals, humans, and to improve trade via free trade where buyers have fewer sellers boycotting them.

More about photography and guilt and women and race and technology in Part 3, which is much longer and needs editing.  Just ponder the power of a simple photograph until the weekend...

At Retroworks de Mexico, we call this "SAFARI".   When people come to photograph the "primitives" recycling computers "by hand"....

Modern day photographers are making me think twice about Edward Curtis... a friend of my great-grandfathers'.



When contacted by The Independent, Mr Benson yesterday denied he had been arrested and insisted his company followed the relevant regulations. He said: "I have done nothing wrong. I operate a legitimate business and we operate within the rules. We dispose properly of anything that is broken."

Racial profiling + photography.  BINGO.

Free the reputations of Joseph Benson, Gordon Chiu, Ow Yung Su Fung, Jinex and Hamdy.

read more about the "e-waste hoax" at allvoices.

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