No Such Thing as Bad Press?

It's easier for the public to forgive some one out of a thousand than it is to recognize someone out of a ten million.  We all want someone to heal and recover, we all want to believe people can heal and recover.

Therefore, if your goal is fame, you are smart to FIRST get recognized, SECOND be accepted.

Bad behavior (drug abuse, public sex) will generate bad press, which is an easy form of recognition.  That is the process of going from one in ten million to one in a thousand.

The second step is to demonstrate you are reformed.  Now that you are recognized, with time you can be forgiven and embraced as a success.

Recycling Rookie On Trial
This is not just about Paris Hilton or Hollywood.  This is not just about childhood behavior in classrooms.   This is about recyclers in India.   When I succeed in helping them to get the e-waste and other recycling tools they need to reform their recycling practices, I'll be a very successful agent.   The ideal person to "reform" is someone like Jackie Robinson - someone with whom there was nothing "controversial" in the darn first place.  WINNING.

The bad behavior being recognized today is quite often, "recycling while black", or while brown, or while Chinese.   People are pointing fingers at recyclers today who do business with a geek of color, and people are denying doing business with recyclers overseas like modern day Judas.

If environmental health is to follow the examples of sports, engineering, and human health, it is going to get over racial and religious and "OECD" labels and recognize people for their talent.  If in the meantime, being black or brown can generate a recycler some "bad press", maybe that's why we remember Jacky Robinson more than we remember any of his white teammates.  Whether its called "reform" or "eventual acceptance", Watchdogs are at least making the presence of Geeks of Color obvious.

They turned the cameras on the recyclers.  My job is to give them names and give them tools and generate profits together through fair trade.  As the sheen begins to fade from "no export" recyclers, we are the ones, who like Jacky, will be WINNING.

The comic book is worth more reused (a collectible) than it is worth as pulp.  

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