CBS 60 Minutes: Closing the LOoP on Mining?

I've been pretty cross with Scott Pelley of CBS 60 Minutes, after trying to get CBS News and its producer to cover both sides of the export of e-waste.

Tonight, as gold hits another record high, CBS has re-run a story which is something I eyewitnessed in Cameroon Africa in the 1980s (I was also in this part of East Congo). I got into recycling because of the multiple horrors of mining, particularly gold mining. And it's for this stupid yellow metal. Gold. I've spent thousands trying to free patents for gold recycling, have promoted Printed Circuit Board Test to ensure gold is properly recycled.

Here is CBS 60 Minutes, showing why.

Recycling is the only opposite to mining.

Later this week, I'm going to publish something very shocking, which connects 60 Minutes of E-Waste Wasteland to CBS 60 Minutes African conflict metals. I'm taking my time writing it, because it's really not something I want to do wrong or to come across flip or self serving.

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