Madame Gasket E-Waste Tom Waits

"You know what I call robots that can't afford upgrades?  SCRAP METAL!"
- from "Robots", see trailer below.

[youtube video of Robots scene removed - caused google punishment.  My apologies for promoting the rental of this 2005 children's movie, and hope to reinstate my good boy points]

This guy is RELATED to (his mother) Madame Gasket, who has a great intro scene - chopping up robots without replacement parts.  (Tom Waits song "Underground").  Recycling is only a villian because it is trumping the waste hierarchy: first Reduce and Reuse, THEN Recycle.

This Hollywood movie is eerily on target.  Planned obsolescence, in hindsight.

But ironically, the producers are keeping clips off of youtube... very strict enforcement of copyright.  Tom W. is also kind of a stickler for free content online.  I'll probably get google-nuked for advertising their film for them, and for promoting Tom's music.

The real story isn't robots, it's humans... people who would have gotten online and started a democracy if they were allowed to buy computers according to what they choose to buy, rather than what is denied (shredding) or offered (toxics along for the ride).

Gabrielle Ingenthron is the older twin, Morgan is the younger twin.  Scientifically, this is due to order of conception as well as number of hours of sleeping.  Gabrielle was the first egg implanted, Morgan was second, through superfetation.

Superfetation happens when Mom is already pregnant when she ovulates and releases another egg - sometimes as long as 24 days after the first egg is released. A different sperm then fertilizes the second egg. While the twins have different conception dates the babies will most likely be delivered at the same time, although they may be different sizes and at different developmental stages. In vitro fertilization - when fertilized eggs are implanted in Mom - is a form of superfetation. Superfetation also can happen when Mom undergoes fertilization treatments where fertilized eggs are implanted (in vitro), and then releases an egg during her cycle, which is also fertilized.

Since fraternal twins are formed by two separate eggs fertilized by two different sperm, fraternal twins can have different fathers.  This is about idea superfetation - two people having similar ideas.  But if one twin is born first, they should be given a patent extracting royalties from the second twin.

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