Gold Mining Opens in Costa Rica

Meanwhile, as we argue exactly how to set standards for collection of non-ferrous metals from recycling, the demand for non-ferrous metals from mining continues. Whether it's R2 or E-Stewards, recycling your "e-waste" cell phone or computer makes a difference in how we supply ourselves.  Reuse is even higher in the hierarchy.  Mining the metals out of rain forests is the worst way possible to meet the hunger for raw materials.

Gold mine proposal threatens endangered monkeys, macaws in Costa Rica

Photo: The endangered Great Green Macaw.
Credit: Alois Staudacher via Creative Commons license
Dear Robin,
Canadian mining company Infinito Gold is pushing for Costa Rican government permission to start the Crucitas open-pit gold mine in northern Costa Rica.
Forests, rivers, communities, endangered species threatened
If built, the mine would destroy tropical forest that hosts endangered species like the Great Green Macaw and Geoffrey's spider monkey in the Agua y Paz Biosphere Reserve. The mine could also threaten communities' agricultural livelihoods and the San Juan River on the border with Nicaragua with toxic spills.
End special treatment for the Crucitas proposal
The new President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, decreed a ban on all gold mining as she came into office this past May. But her decision has not stopped the Crucitas project that was declared of "national interest." She needs to do more to protect Costa Rican communities and biodiversity from gold mining's destructive impacts.
Click here to write President Laura Chinchilla and urge her to stop the planned Crucitas mine!  Our allies in Costa Rica have requested YOUR help.

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