Cost of a PC in Big Macs

For the first retail buyer, the cost of the computer is OS ($100) plus programs ($300) plus PC ($300) plus LCD display ($150).

He sells it to his son, without wiping the programs off, for $100. 

The son finishes up and pays someone to wipe it and recycle it for $5 cost.

The recycler resells the monitor for $15 and the wiped PC for $30.

The overseas buyer changes power (to 220 v) on the monitor to new for $10, adds RAM for $5 and reinstalls all the programs, and resell the PC for $60+ profit.

That's a month's salary in Senegal, Cameroon, and many other countries.  So the last guy in the chain actually paid the most for the PC.  In the "Big Mac Index" (cost of a Big Mac in different countries), relative to GDP, the PC actually increased in value at the end of the chain.

The cost of the display unit, incidently, went from  17% of the unit's value to 42%.  The software depreciated the most.

Which is "waste", the recycler who exported it, or the recycler who shredded it?

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