Fatboy Slim, the Beatles, and International Digital Coops.

This video has nothing to do with recycling, electronics, or "e-waste".  It has to do with world music.  It's an AIDS awareness video sponsored by Starbucks Coffee, filmed in 156 countries, showing brief covers of the Beatles "All You Need is Love".

It also has a lot to do with affordable internet access.  

I just recently found out that the song below, "Praise You" by Fatboy Slim, was recorded for the video by Spike Jonze in "guerilla style"... without much planning, and that yes it is the official Fatboy Slim video release, but no, it isn't faked, the director just did this at this shopping mall and they left in the part where the store owner came and turned it off.

Here is a Japanese cover song of "boulevard of broken dreams", the Green Day song.  Green Day played on the Boston Esplanade when I worked as Recycling Director at Masschusetts DEP.

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