UN Report: China is #2 Generator of "E-Waste" (after USA)

No surprise if you read our blog.   Developing countries have their own "ewaste" they are generating.  This report sums up our "fair trade" philosophy, which is that if the developing countries are going to import from the USA, it should be nice stuff they can refurbish or they should be fully paid to recycle it properly.  Either one is what builds the capacity they need to manage their OWN electronics waste.

Las Chicas Bravas (Retroworks de Mexico) shows how fair trade of electronics waste recycling can be empowering, create good jobs, and build the capacity for those nations own TVs and computer scrap recycling.  Even Al Jazeera agrees... see below.

Al Jazeera English - Asia-Pacific - UN warns of 'e-waste' threat

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